Software Quality Assurance & Testing

Digital transformation is the process of changing you paper based business such as  papers and binders, Xeroxes, and faxes into computer and mobile based business using digital technologies. All the business area, the way it operates and the way your business delivers value to your customers needs to be changed by integrating digital technology. In fact, it is even a cultural change where business may step in to challenges continuously and sometimes it must be evolved based failures.

Manual Testing

Manual testing is a process of testing the applications by the Quality Assurance Engineers who will test the applications by considering multiple factors. They are experts in testing Old School Legacy Application, Modern new application, Desktop, Web, Mobile Applications. They may test software in different operating systems, different devices, different screen sizes and resolutions, different languages etc. They will also make sure the UX/UI experience to provide the highest usability experience to the customers.

Functional Testing

Functional testing will be done in different stages of the software development. Quality assurance engineers will be testing the functionality of the software application to make sure it s working as per the requirement specifications. Here engineers will identity for the inputs, prepare the expected outcome the inputs, then they ran the test to get the actual outcome to compare with the expected out to make sure it is work as expected. We will be performing different kinds of functional testing, through out the process of application development, such as Unit testing, Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing, Regression Testing, Integration Testing, User acceptance testing.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing is used to test the applications performance under the workload. This will check the speed, stability, throughput and scalability of the application based on different factors such as hardware, physical memory, bandwidth etc.

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