Applications and apps integration

For any business to run and operate efficiently not only the technologies need to be up to date but all the applications, both existing and external, needs to work in harmony. But often the application and system integrations are complicated. That’s where Awarious can give hands to succeed on your business by providing technology support from our expertise to overcome your integration obstacles, from architecture design to integration, testing and execution.

Application integration in nothing but the process of making the applications to talk to each other by doing seamless data flow. Automatically notify other applications when something happens on an application.

Key steps efficient applications integration

Understanding Business

First and foremost thing to success in application integration is to understand your business and existing applications. We will listen to your challenges and we will partner with you to understand your needs and prepare requirements.

Architecture Designs

Another important piece is to implement the right architecture, which helps to make seamless communications between the applications

There are different kinds of architecture design patterns which could help to write enterprise applications using loosely coupled components, great performance, reusability and allows to deploy independently. We are very strong in implementing common architectures such N-Tier or SOA architecture.

But our strength is implementing Micro Services, CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation), Event Sourcing, DDD (Domain Driven Design

Application Integration Design

For application to integrate between each other, it needs better communication. There are different patterns of communication such Request / Response, Event Subscription, Asynchronous messaging (using Messaging Systems such as Azure Service Bus), Publish and Subscribe, Push Notifications (Such as SignalR) etc. We may choose different pattern for different situation. We are expert in implementing all these patterns and we will make sure the applications integrated properly and work independently.

Data Integration Design

Data integration is the process of collecting data from multiple sources such are File formats, Database Management Systems (DBMS), transform and merging, using automated integration process, consolidating business processes and knowledge bases while ensuring complete data integrity during transfer. We integrate multiple data types, in addition to business logic schemas, using ETL (extract- transform-load) best practices and proven version control protocols

Integration Testing

Testing is one of the key phase in software development. We will be implementing automated unit / integration testing using industry standard frameworks such as X-Unit, N-Unit, Selenium, Jasmine etc. This will improve the application quality since these testing can executed everyday to make sure the application is not broken by any new implementation or enhancements. We will also do manual application integration testing and will expect the clients to do the User Acceptance Testing to make sure the applications working as expected.


Even if the applications developed and integrated with best technologies and patterns, as your business grows and the technologies are advancing / changing faster, you need keep your applications up to date. We can provide ongoing advice, support and maintenance, ensuring all your systems keep delivering the maximum value.


  • Improved Security
  • Real-time data visibility
  • Valuable data collection
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Cost and Storage savings
  • Process efficiency
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