IT Outsourcing

Software outsourcing is an arrangement or working model made by business to hire software development team from another company who are expertise in software development and process. Even though it is possible to have the software developed in house with their own IT team, it demands money and time. Not only that, but also, with the advances in software technology acceleration, it is very easy for the in-house employees skills to lag behind. In such situations, Awarious can help to extend your capabilities and complete your projects on time and within budget by providing technology expertise in a short period. Since we do not outsource your project to any other company, we will deliver quality application and all your information are secured.

Why Awarious?

We are not just outsourcing, we are partners

We are not just do outsourcing but we will be partner with you so, we take your goal as ours and do everything we can to success on that. First and foremost thing we do is to partner with you to understand your business, pain points and the goal you have. We listen everything from you and take each any every new project as a challenge to us. We will do a high level preparation towards the business model which helps to develop efficient, cost-effective, quality application within the expected timeline. We will prepare our understanding document to make sure all stakeholders are in the same page, prepare project road map and we will suggest the right technologies to achieve the expectation.

Once we are aligned with your expectation, we work with you more closely and prepare mode detailed feature releases which will have high level requirement about the feature. We are not do outsourcing but offer more., we're innovators too. We are a bespoke software development company, we do our own product developments. So, we don’t just listen to your requirements, needs but we also do more research about your competitors and provide valuable suggestions to compete with them.

We are experts in product and project development. All our projects are developed using Agile so we will do sprints. Each sprint will be considered as a separate project release so the quality of the product will be very high. Also, the stakeholders will have changes to see the growth of the application development and understand the feature and could make changes in the early stage of the application development without waiting for months / years to see the end product.

We have developed a cloud-centric framework that provide the following features from the day 1, which could substantially speed up the development and reduce the development cost.

  • Micro Service implementation –for writing smaller, scalable, reliable, maintainable and secured services
  • Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) - for optimized for both read and write
  • Event Sourcing - to track each and every actions performed in the application, replay the history and go to the state of the object at any given point of time.
  • Domain Driven Design (DDD) – to make developers and business stakeholders to talk same thing, to keep all business rules in one place, to move the business talks to digital objects.
  • Cloud centric – for all services can be deployed in cloud and take all advantages of cloud computing such as Privacy, Security, High Availability, Less Cost, Scalability, Monitoring etc.,
  • Message Base Asynchronous Communication – for making eventual consistency and making reliable communications between the services.
  • Open ID Connect and Oauth2 authentication and authorization support
  • Complete tracking and monitoring for better Analytics and Reporting

We off complete outsourcing services including UX/UI Experts, Client and Server based application development experts, Technical Project Managers (More than just a manager), Business Analysts and Quality Assurance Engineers. Each can work alone under pressure, or closely within a team

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